Important as this phase is, you must be aware of its place in planning. There's a reason. Strategy drives structure, not the other way around. There is no costlier mistake in business than forming an organization before strategic intent and objectives have been established. Organizations form a core competence to fulfill a specific mission. Only then does it make sense to determine where you want to go, and what best combination of capital, human and physical resources is needed to get there. SMS consultants are uniquely equipped to assist you in designing an organization that can meet your company’s mission objectives.


Organizational structure, staffing, and process
Alignment of organizational structure with strategy
Organizational research and analysis
Organizational culture and climate research
Determining strategic business units (SBU)
Line and staff positions, responsibilities, authority
Point-rated job descriptions and accountabilities
Management selection and evaluation
Executive coaching, counseling & development
Span of control and lines of reporting
Integration of operational functions through IT
 Preparation of organizational charts
 Interrelationship of departmental accountabilities
 Executive compensation, rewards, benefits
 Employee relations
 Fields of management analysis
 Performance evaluation
 Dispute resolution

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