Management and Marketing Communications Consultant

Jack’s consulting background covers more than 30 years as a senior management and marketing executive with Fortune 500 corporations and leading Madison advertising agencies in the U.S. and Latin America. His entrepreneurial thinking and a strong business discipline comes from
hands-on experience in company environments ranging from start-up to
large multinational. He possesses a clear understanding of marketing, advertising, finance, information management, sales and sales training,
which gives him a unique insight that helps identify and resolve many
complex business problems.

At Young & Rubicam and IMC-International Marketing Communications, he guided creation of world-class advertising and promotion programs for such companies as General Foods, Procter & Gamble, Bristol-Myers, Chrysler Corporation and Philip Morris as well as many other small and medium-size
clients requiring business planning assistance.

Later he became Colgate-Palmolive’s Latin America marketing director and CEO of their companies in Brazil and Venezuela where he guided marketing planning and operations for 22 companies. As CEO, his vision revitalized sales, market shares and profits for Colgate in Brazil and Venezuela…and
for Standard Brand’s group of companies in Brazil. He founded Venezuela’s Direct Marketing Association and was a member of DMA’s International Advisory Board.

Jack is an accomplished speaker, seminar leader, author and mentor. His book, The Core Value Proposition, established a new starting point and a powerful anchor for innovative business thinking. His column, “Bootstrap Marketing,” is published in the Miami Herald's Business Monday section. Fortune 500 companies chose his management, marketing and sales
training seminars. Jack is fluent in both Spanish and Portuguese.

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