SMS consultants
can help you globally.

We know how to deal with challenges and opportunities of the international marketplace.

SMS provides its clients with an understanding of global trade that few consultancies can match. This is important because in the world we live in global trade is essential to the survival of many industries and institutions. Most of our consultants, in addition to extensive experience in the U.S. and Canada, have held important management and operational positions with Fortune 500 companies in many of the world’s leading markets. Many of us
are not only multilingual but multicultural as well. We are as much at home abroad as we are in the U.S.

We know the logistics of the supply chain and how to function within the industrial and commercial infrastructure of many countries. We also know
how to deal with the transformational change that is being created by new technologies and instant access to information.

Most importantly, we can help you deal with the challenges of the international marketplace because we understand its customs, nuances and opportunities.

This knowledge can also be applied to your domestic minority markets. SMS is particularly familiar with the U.S. Hispanic market. We have handled research, marketing, and advertising assignments in this market for many
well know brands and services as well as for political candidates.

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