Looking for a consulting group that can give you
more than just advice?

We can help your
business grow and prosper
with strategic planning
and creative management
solutions that get results.

Whatever stage of development your business is in there is something vitally important you need to be aware of if your goal is to take your company to its full potential. The old ways of doing business are over, done with. To succeed in today’s world of digitized connectivity, real-time marketing and interactive technology you must be familiar with new concepts in planning and creativity. Working in partnership with you as consultants, here’s how SMS can put these two powerful forces to work for your company.

Good planning starts with good research. The first step is always a full-scale examination of your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  We then help you diagnose and converge the findings into a fully integrated plan that creates measurable value at every level of operations.  Result: total integration of your company’s core competencies and resources into a seamless and superior force that meets your growth goals and outmatches and outsells your competition at every turn.

We’ll show you how new information technologies and web-net systems
can be merged with traditional media to reach your target markets more effectively and more economically. With SMS you also get years of successful branding experience with top-ten Madison Ave. advertising
and P.R. agencies. Result: world-class creative marketing communication programs that consistently reach your best prospects with the best selling message at the lowest possible cost.

This double-barreled planning and branding capability is what sets SMS clearly apart from all other consultancies.  It is also a powerful reason for calling us today. Click here to see the full range of services SMS puts at your disposal.

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