In today's marketplace, traditional growth strategies and constraints are giving way to
new ways of combining capabilities through
the marriage of common aims and resources
that generate greater earnings and value from economies of scale. We work closely with investment bankers, venture capital groups,
and other financial sources who call on us to identify and evaluate new business opportunities. Because we know what the capital markets
seek we know how to prepare strategically sound business plans that get approved. Our policy is to help buyers or sellers to negotiate the best deal possible based on mutually satisfactory goals.

Merger and acquisition strategy, search, analysis
Assessment of strategic fit with merger candidates
Evaluation of management strengths and structure
Preparation and/or review of business plans
Evaluation of planning assumptions
Analyze pro forma financial statements
Economic and geopolitical analysis
 Due diligence research, analysis & evaluation
Divestiture planning and execution
Financing strategy: debt vs. equity funding
Determining funding needs & use of funds
Identify, contact funding sources
Negotiation strategy and counsel
Preparation of tender offers
Assessment of regulatory compliance issues
Debt restructuring or consolidation
Internal impact of downsizing or restructuring

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