Strategic Management Services, Inc. - Benefits
Insight into New Business Opportunities, Confidential Source on Sensitive Internal, Financial or Competitive Issues, Specialized Planning Methodologies

Seven highly important
benefits you can expect from working with SMS

1. A professional outside view and objectivity that is totally unbiased
••••and free of internal or emotional involvement.

2. Quick response to a wide variety of problems and opportunities that may
require outside professional counsel and assistance.

3. Specialized diagnostic and planning methodologies and capabilities that
••••are seldom available internally.

4. A confidential source of research and counsel on sensitive internal,
••••financial or competitive issues.

5. Greater insight into other new business, expansion, funding and profitable
••••growth opportunities.

6. The ability to fine-tune your own growth plans with the most advanced
strategic planning, operating and information systems.

7. The efficiencies that are yours through the outsourcing of internal
••••functions that can be handled more effectively and at less cost by
••••professional consultants.

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