Whatever your
strengths, weaknesses, opportunities or threats,
SMS consultants are ready to help you now.

SMS consultants bring years of domestic and international management and operational experience to each client assignment. Working as “strike-teams” or individually, we know how to apply this expertise regionally, nationally or globally. Most of our consultants are multilingual. To see the degree of expertise each SMS consultant offers click on the names below:

Mike Martinez - President/CEO

Albert C. Zapanta - Chairman Executive Committee

Jack G. Hardy - Associate Consultant, Management
•••••••••••••••••••••and Marketing Communications

Jacqueline W. Martinez - Vice President, Dallas

Blake Lewis - Associate Consultant, Corporate Communications

Javier Mazon - Associate Consultant, Management & Marketing

Ralph W. Tobin - Associate Consultant, Print and Web Design

David Pickett - Associate Consultant, General Business
••••••••••••••••••••Technologies & Engineering

Therese Tetzel - Strategic Planning and Marketing Consultant

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